After this photo was taken of broken meters along Cedar Ave.

After this photo was taken of broken meters along Cedar Ave.

Cold snap snaps meters

After thieves made off with the meter tops, the meters were later found smashed with the money still inside.

A cold snap has turned into a police investigation.

On Wednesday morning, Jack Frost rolled into Trail with -14 degree temperatures, knocking the tops of parking meters to the ground.

Around 10 a.m., the meter heads were discovered on the east sidewalk of Cedar Avenue. Some of them even had a bit of paid parking time left.

Police say water gathered in the parking meter poles and froze overnight with the ice forcing the meter heads off the poles and onto the sidewalk.

Other meters around the city were prepped for this situation, with drainage holes drilled into the bottoms of the poles.

The City of Trail was contacted about the fallen meters but before they could get there, the meters were gone.

Within an hour, the tops of the meters, with all the parking change in them, were taken away by two unidentified people.

After a bit of a search, officers found the meters on the banks of the Columbia River. Police say they were in pieces, but the money was still inside.

Authorities were still searching for the two individuals thought to have taken the meters.