College offering free programs

Information session in Trail Wednesday

  • Sep. 27, 2011 11:00 a.m.

Free training programs offered at Selkirk College next month are aimed to help the unemployed in the region.

For three years the Employment Skills Access program (ESA) has been providing funding for individual applicants to receive upgrading training courses.

This year the program has funding for class-size groups in three programs: Administrative Skills Training (AST) program, Early Childhood Care Associate Certificate program and a Wine and Service Industry Training program.

Each course is designed to give eligible applicants new skills to enter the work force.

New class funding provides “capacity building within our region” says Dawn Lang, ESA project coordinator.

“It is a win-win program, there really isn’t a downside.

“The courses are modeled to give unemployed individuals in our region new skills to get back into the workforce, which will have a “pretty great benefit for the region,” explained Lang.

A unique aspect of these programs is that they are being offered to those with only a high school diploma and for people not on EI. Lang describes it as “gap filler programs.”

Each course has specific requirements, however the courses are open to those who are: unemployed, non-EI clients, resident of B.C., not enrolled in high school or post secondary education and are not currently in a LMA funded program.

The AST program starts on Oct. 11, and a second course starts on Jan. 9. After 24 weeks of training the course concludes in a 60-hour practicum. Applicants will receive training in office proficiency, interpersonal communications, creation of business communications/documents and office computer programs. Students will also receive training in WHMIS and OFA level 1 first aid. Graduates from the program can continue training and apply for an Applied Business program.

Early Childhood Care Education Assistant Certificate program begins on Oct. 11, and Feb. 13. The course is 20 weeks. Students will be trained in child health, childcare emergency first aid, foodsafe, non-violent crisis intervention and many other skills. The program concludes with a 60-hour work practicum.

Wine and Service Industry Training Program will run for seven weeks and starts Oct.  3 and Feb. 6. Students will develop skills in the service and hospitality industry. With the successful completion of the program students will receive a bartending, Serving It Right, Wine Sever, foodsafe, WorldHost and Customer Service completion certificates.

This Wednesday an information session will be held at 7 p.m. at the Selkirk College campus in Trail. All interested applicants are encouraged to come out and apply. Class sizes range from 24 to 12 students and space is limited.

Last year the ESA helped 104 individuals from the region gain new skills. The Learning for Living program had a 95 per cent re-entry of students into the work force. The programs are there to help people “overcome barriers for their employment.”

To register or for more information call 205-364-5760 or email