Developer waits for village’s feedback

Paul Nesbitt asks Warfield council what
it sees fit for his property

A Kelowna property developer is having his patience tested as he waits to find out what Warfield council sees fit for his 17-acre property in the village.

“I’m just waiting patiently to find out what they want,” said Paul Nesbitt of Upside Developments Ltd. 

“I’m a little confounded.”

Nesbitt has gone back to the drawing board after about 80 Warfielders rejected his vision of a 200-suite subdivision made up of condominiums on his property below the Sleeman subdivision and above Wellington Avenue and Montcalm.

Within a week after his presentation in Warfield this month, Nesbitt brought another idea to council – the development of seven lots in a strata, gated community with landowners each taking care of their own water issues within their own site.

But council has turned down his proposal, and he has now asked them flat-out what they think he should develop on the property he inherited. 

This recommendation was discussed during an in-camera session and the village’s perspective has yet to be shared.

“I thought that’s what I heard residents wanted,” said Nesbitt, confused by the village’s position. “There’s no controversy here, I’m just trying to do the right thing.”

Along with his vision of estate lots, Nesbitt offered over half the remainder of his property as “gifted” park space, providing a nice walking area for future residents but also a buffer for historical drainage issues.

“It would ensure that the water going through there is not disturbed or displaced onto their properties,” he said, “so that it would find its natural course.”