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Guy Bertrand photo

Downtown Trail demolition was ‘green,’ materials mostly upcycled

69 per cent of teardown materials were recycled or reused in some way

A report on the demolition of the former Union Hotel and adjacent building in downtown Trail stated that over two-thirds of the materials will be reused or recycled.

The City of Trail received the “Construction Waste Disposal and Diversion Report” for the demolition of the Union Hotel and 1144 Cedar Avenue from Dakota Reclamators Ltd., the contractor responsible for the buildings’ demolition and residual materials.

The report highlights that Dakota diverted 69 per cent of the demolition materials from the landfill by sending them to other destinations for recycling or reuse.

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“This is a substantial amount considering the size of the two buildings,” said Chris McIsaac, the City of Trail’s Director of Public Works.

“Three-hundred and five of the 686 tonnes of concrete that was diverted to other locations for reuse is the red brick that encased both buildings; and, 381 tonnes of other concrete was recycled and used for the site’s backfill. A considerable amount of metal was also diverted from the landfill with 32 tonnes going to Tervita, a local waste and environmental services provider that specializes in recycling metal.”

Dakota’s “Waste Management Planning and Reduction Plan” was included in their original proposal for the demolition contract, and the City is pleased with its implementation.

“The contractor was very diligent in salvaging as much of the materials as possible,” said McIsaac. “They also worked efficiently and completed the demolition within the proposed timeline. The site is spotless and we feel confident in presenting it to potential buyers as a prime location for development.”

About the Union Hotel Demolition Project

The City of Trail purchased the Union Hotel and three adjacent properties on Cedar Avenue, for a total cost of $125,000.

Initial negotiations took place in late 2016 through to early 2017 with an official closing date of August 31, 2017. In 2018, the city contracted with Peak Environmental, a full-service environmental consulting firm, to oversee the hazardous material abatement for the Union Hotel building.

The total cost of the abatement was $300,000. The city then contracted with Dakota Reclamators Ltd. for the demolition of the Union Hotel and the building and remediation of the lots.

The combined and remediated property is now on the market to potential buyers for development. In the interim, the city will open the space for people seeking monthly paid parking spaces.

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