Election candidates summary

Who is running in the municipal election and who is already in

  • Nov. 18, 2011 2:00 p.m.


Mayor – Bert Crockett

Councillor (four spots)

*Donna Baggio, *John Crozier, *Tom Milne, Jim Nelson



Mayor – *Dieter Bogs

Councillor (10 candidates, six spots)

*Robert Cacchioni, John Carter, Bryan DeFerro, *Gord DeRosa, Ray Furlotte, *Eleanor Gattafoni Robinson, Rick Georgetti, Kevin Jolly, Sean Mackinlay, *Fred Romano


Mayor – *Greg Granstrom

Councillor (10 candidates, six spots)

Jody Blomme, Bob Chamut, *Laurie Charlton, Cary Fisher, David Klein, *Kathy Moore, *Jill Spearn, Tim Thatcher, *Kathy Wallace, Sharon Wieder.



Mayor – *Griff Welsh, Ronald Pylypuik, Joe Danchuk

Councillor (four spots)

Donald Berriault, *Cindy Cook, *Don Duclos, Mary Gay



Mayor – Patricia Cecchini, Gary Moisson

Councillor (four spots)

*Lawrence Gray, *Bert Kniss, Jill Prince, *Tabatha Webber


Regional District

Area A (one spot) – *Ali Grieve, Scott Cohen

Area B (one spot) – *Linda Worley


School District

Trail (two spots)

*Mark Wilson, *Lorraine Manning, Terry Hanik

Warfield/part of Area B (RDKB)/part of Area J (RDCK) (one spot)

*Toni Driutti

Fruitvale/Area A (RDKB) (two spots)

*Vince Morelli, Kim Mandoli, Darrel Ganzert, Dick Bilenki

Rossland (one spot)

*Gord Smith


* – incumbent