Evacuation alert at Poplar Creek

Evacuation alert at Poplar Creek

The Rapid Creek fire is approaching the highway near the community north of Meadow Creek

An evacuation alert was issued on Sunday for residents of 20 properties in the Poplar Creek area 30 kilometres northwest of Lardeau on Highway 31.

“The Rapid Creek Fire is displaying increased activity as the northwest winds are pushing it out into the face of the hill. With continued hot, dry conditions and forecasted winds, there is the potential of putting Highway 31 and Poplar Creek at risk,” stated a bulletin from the Regional District of Central Kootenay’s emergency operations centre.

“As a precautionary measure, residents and visitors within the area between Rusty Creek and Cascade Creek along Highway 31 are being placed on an Evacuation Alert.

“This means preparation should be made to leave the area at a moment’s notice. The RDCK will activate the Emergency Alert system should the situation worsen and warrant an Evacuation Order.”

An update on Tuesday said 20 firefighters with heavy equipment are creating fire breaks while a crew of six RDCK firefighters with a sprinkler unit is providing protection to Poplar Creek area residences.