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FortisBC construction in West Trail starting month-end

Expect noise and increased traffic in the mountain area behind West Trail beginning Nov. 27

FortisBC is forewarning Trail residents to expect the chuff of whirlybirds in the mountains behind West Trail beginning Nov. 27.

The utility company is planning to replace transmission structures using helicopters above West Trail within existing right-of-way.

In preparation of the work up the hillside - above Wilmes Lane and south of Lookout Street - there will be construction on the Elder Trail.

FortisBC says the work will not affect power transmission in the city.

As far as the timeline, work is slated to begin Monday, Nov. 27, and continue until Wednesday, Nov. 29.

There may be vehicles parked on Wilmes Lane but they should not affect vehicular access.

There will be an increase in traffic prior to construction as workers and heavy equipment will need to be moved into place in preparation of the replacement work.

FortisBC says it will ensure compliance with municipal bylaws and/or highway rules throughout construction. The company says impacted boulevards and pavement will be restored in a timely manner.

Construction will also rely on helicopters and there may be some noise during the short duration of time when helicopters are in the area.

Aircrafts will not hover over any of the residential buildings, FortisBC explains, adding, the project will comply with local bylaws and guidelines within BC Noise Control Best Practices.

“Our commitment to public safety is a top priority and all operations associated with the proposed project will be designed to meet or exceed provincial and federal safety guidelines,” adds FortisBC.

Questions? 1.866.436.7847.

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