Fruitvale five-way intersection reviewed

Fruitvale resident contacted the village regarding installing a roundabout at the 5 way intersection.

A fork in the road can give people cause for pause.

But a five-cornered fork in the road can give people fits.

At least, that is what one Fruitvale resident felt about the village’s infamous five-way intersection at Columbia Gardens South and West, Kootenay South, Mill and Old Salmo roads in the heart of the village.

The corner has flummoxed many new and experienced drivers that come to the heart of the Beaver Valley, with only four of the roads possessing stop signs and a limited field of view on one of the egress points.

It was for that reason that Scott Monteith contacted the village about corner, suggesting the village install a roundabout to clarify the situation.

But, according to ICBC statistics, there has only been one minor fender bender in five years at the intersection, said village chief administrative officer Lila Cresswell.

“So either people are very used to the corner or it is not as much of a hazard as it appears to be,” she said. “However, I have seen confusion about who has the right of way from stopped vehicles.”

The village does not have jurisdiction in the area for such a roundabout since four of the five roads are provincial.

Council considered reducing the speed in the area, making all streets stop at the intersection, as well as no action being taken.

“Putting up another stop sign would only confuse the issue around that corner as to who is going to go,” said councilor Larry Gray. “I don’t believe this is necessary.”