A new HVAC system is coming to the Trail Memorial Centre’s old library. Photo: Jim Bailey

A new HVAC system is coming to the Trail Memorial Centre’s old library. Photo: Jim Bailey

GOC Briefs: Council moves forward with city projects

HVAC systems set for installation in TMC and RCMP buildings

New HVAC systems will soon be installed in the old library space at the Trail Memorial Centre (TMC) and the RCMP building.

Trail’s Governance and Operations Committee awarded the installation of an HVAC unit and ducting contract at the TMC to West Kootenay Mechanical that quoted $135,620 plus all applicable taxes and charges.

The current HVAC system is no longer functional, staff recommended that the system be replaced so it could be operational for the upcoming winter season.

“That particular unit has failed,” said Parks and Rec director Trisha Davison. “It needs to be replaced, and it needs to be replaced in order for that space to be occupied.”

Davison pointed out that COVID-19 has underscored the necessity for operational HVAC units in public spaces.

According to the report submitted by Robert Baker, deputy director of Parks and Recreation, the HVAC unit, ducting, an upgrade to the direct digital control panel, and engineering is estimated at $160,620 plus 5 per cent GST, so with a contingency fund the total comes to $185,000.

Council also approved the award of the replacement of the HVAC system at the RCMP building to Venture Mechanical Systems for $146,957 plus taxes and fees.

According to the staff report, after putting more than $250,000 towards maintenance of the unit over the past 20 years, the HVAC automatic control system suffered a “catastrophic failure” and also needed to be replaced.

The GOC also agreed to reroute funds from the Groutage Ave. improvements to the Butler Park light pole restoration project.

Coun. Eleanor Gattafoni Robinson expressed concern that the Groutage Ave. project would be “swept under the rug”, however, Davison assured the councillor that the project can be revisited.

“We went through the whole process to Tender that work, we did all the design work, so the project is now shelf-ready for the most part,” said Davison. “So when we are ready to go, all that work is not lost. We can definitely carry it forward and incorporate it into future developments.”

The committee agreed to transfer the Columbia Basin Trust grant of $237,225 to the Butler Park project.

The city will also be getting a new mini-excavator for deployment at the Mountain View Cemetery.

The city received eight bids, and agreed to purchase the Bobcat E50 from Trowelex Rental and Sales for just over $102,000 plus taxes, fees and charges.

During 2021 Capital budget deliberations, the Regional District of Kootenay Boundary approved the purchase of a mini excavator to replace the aging back-hoe currently used.

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