Greater Trail on the Beat: Break-in at Canadian Tire

Police are investigating a break and enter to the Canadian Tire store in the early hours of Wednesday.

  • Mar. 7, 2014 1:00 p.m.

Police are investigating a break and enter to the Canadian Tire store in the early hours of Wednesday. Access was gained by breaking a window and police arrived shortly after the alarm call was received. The store contains security cameras and other evidence was left at the scene. At this point it is still undetermined what was taken from the store. The investigation is continuing with potential links to other incidents in the Kootenay area.


On Saturday at 6:30 p.m. police received a report of a male that had gone backcountry snowshoeing and not returned when expected.

The parking area of the trail used was checked and the male’s car was located. Rossland Search and Rescue was activated and searched into the night. Police received a call shortly after midnight that the male had contacted his friends via a satellite phone.

The male had got disorientated and found a cabin where another backcountry enthusiast was with the phone. The male hiked out the next day without any issue or injury to themselves or any Search and Rescue personnel.


In the early morning hours of Feb. 26 a male was approached by a suspect while walking in the downtown area of Trail. The suspect physically assaulted the male and went through the male’s pockets in an attempt to retrieve money or valuables. A security guard was flagged down by a friend of the victim and the suspect fled the scene. Police were called and were able to locate the suspect, arrest them and hold them into custody to be brought before a judge the next day. The suspect was on conditions for a previous file and was held in custody until his next court date, which was scheduled for Thursday.


On Feb. 18 a lady’s ring was found in the downtown Trail area near the 7-11 and turned into the Trail RCMP. No owner has claimed the item as of yet. If you feel that the ring may be yours please contact the Trail RCMP and provide an accurate description of the item to claim it.