Home of Champions built on community participation

Trail holds the title “Home of Champions” which we have earned by, decade after decade, excelling at sports – all sports.

  • Oct. 12, 2011 9:00 a.m.

Trail holds the title “Home of Champions” which we have earned by, decade after decade, excelling at sports – all sports.

Our community has produced professionals in almost all sports. The Jason Bays and the Barrett Jackmans and the Steven McCarthys of this community are an attribute to themselves but also to the community that helped get them there.

As I age into an adult and start to give back to a community that gave me so much, I ask if we can sustain such excellence.

The world has changed, the social problems are different, and children have changed.

With the introduction of technology, kids are staying indoors. Childhood obesity is on the rise, physical activity on the decline. Schools and communities need to change this.

The importance of exercise and of sport needs a kickstart. A kickstart it will never get by constant budget cuts and higher fees to play.

A kickstart will only happen with an infusion of kids into sport. By doing so we will also be helping our children stay in shape, increase their self-esteem and manage their time. Time management that is very crucial as the kids continue on to the work force and/or college.

How many have us have played a sport in this community? How many now give back to that sport through coaching, officiating, or scorekeeping? The numbers are probably stagnantly lower.

Now this is by no means a shot at the volunteers who do give their time.

I understand their hard work, as I am a community coach, a father, and I have a job. Coaching is what has made us “The Home of Champions.”

I truly believe there are no better athletes here than in Nelson, Kalso, Nakusp or Castlegar. The coaching we receive, here in Trail, is on a completely different level. I know it, I lived it, and I give back to a community I take so much pride in.

I dream of continued success, for my community, for my son, and even for myself. I’m proud to say I’ve lived my whole life in this community and sports are a wonderful way to display community pride.

So I’ll see you at the next Smokies game, or at the high school for a volleyball tournament, or I’ll see a group of kids playing baseball at a local park. When I see that I’ll smile, because it will truly make us “champions.”

Steve Mota