Homegrown singer eager for big show in Trail

Lisa Nicole to perform Friday at Charles Bailey Theatre

The Charles Bailey Theatre will soon be echoing with the sounds of some fresh country music.

Lisa Nicole, a local country singer, born and raised in Castlegar, is gearing up for her biggest performance yet on Friday at the Charles Bailey Theatre.

She has done big shows before, but this is the first time she will be topping the playbill.

“I do big music festivals and stuff, but this is definitely my biggest theatre show,” she said. “I am headlining and it is the biggest thing I have put on.”

Part of the excitement of headlining her own show is knowing her fans are there to see her and only her.

“I just love the energy I get from the fans,” she said, adding that seeing her fans singing along with her music is a special feeling. “They are going be there to see me and hear my new stuff and hear my old stuff. I love seeing them singing along and some of them even cry (to my songs), especially ‘Real Wednesday’.”

Seeing fans singing along isn’t the only highlight for Lisa Nicole – she loves the meet and greet part of a performance too.

“It is also about the excitement after the show,” she said. “With signing CDs and things, it is pretty fun. It is the face-to-face stuff. I love meeting my fans and getting to know them.”

Once the show is over and the curtains are drawn, Lisa Nicole will be packing up her equipment and making the move to Nashville, Tennessee to further her country music career and record a new album. She has been to Nashville before and this time, she is staying.

“This one day I was in a session with Paul De Villiers and we were talking about how I’m going down to Nashville to record, and I had a kind of epiphany, thinking why am I just going down there to visit? she told the Castlegar News. “I want to pursue this full-on and if I’m going to do that I should be down there. Right then, I decided I was going to move there.”

De Villiers is a record producer who famously worked with Mr. Mister on their 1985 hit album “Welcome to the Real World.”

Along with headlining a show and packing her things for a big move, the rising country music star has been working on new material and compiling it for the last year, hoping to put out the best second album she can.

“You can whip out an album in a month if you wanted to, but I really want to focus on perfecting this one,” she told the Castlegar News. “I don’t want to rush. I mean I do feel very anxious to get something out there because it has been a couple years since I released my ‘It Got Ugly’ CD. But I’m just going to take my time and do a really good job.”

Lisa Nicole’s show at Trail’s Charles Bailey Theatre starts at 7 p.m. on Friday. For tickets, call 250-368-9669.