Konanz issues challenge to South Okanagan-West Kootenay candidates

Konanz issues challenge to South Okanagan-West Kootenay candidates

Helena Konanz has issued a challenge to all the candidates

Conservative candidate Helena Konanz has issued a challenge to all the candidates in the South Okanagan-West Kootenay riding to participate in a comprehensive set of debates that span the entire riding in the lead up to the election this fall.

“Our riding has been ignored by Ottawa and people are hurting because of it. It is critical that all the candidates make themselves available to every constituent so that all voices can be heard. We should have a full slate of debates that cover the entire riding and I am committed to attending every single one. We shall see if Justin Trudeau’s candidate or our NDP opponent agree with me,” said Konanz in a news release.

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Candidates that have publicly announced they will be running in the SOWK riding include the NDP’s Richard Cannings (incumbent), Konanz, Green Party’s Tara Howse (from Rossland) and Liberal Connie Denesiuk.

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Konanz is proposing the creation of a committee that includes one representative from each campaign who can work with debate organizers from community-based groups to schedule a series of debates throughout the riding.

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Konanz is hoping for a minimum of 12 debates so every person in the riding has an opportunity to attend one near their home.

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“With four of the five candidates being based on the South Okanagan, I challenge all contenders to ensure this democratic process is delivered to all regions within our riding. My campaign will be reaching out to all the other campaigns to make this a reality … I firmly believe that democracy should be accessible to all citizens. Time will tell if my opponents feel the same way,” said Konanz.

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