Local MP pans throne speech

More rhetoric than substance says BC Southern Interior MP

Wednesday’s throne speech was vague and non-committal according to the MP for BC Southern Interior.

“It was a ‘good news let’s pat ourselves on the back,’ story,” said  Alex Atamanenko, by phone from Ottawa. “But when you start analyzing it there is nothing in there to support working people.”

The local MP made his rounds in area municipalities before the throne speech and was pleased to read a 10-year promise the Harper government made on infrastructure.

“I spent time talking to the mayors in the last couple of weeks, including Trail council,” said Atamanenko. “One of the questions everyone had was, ‘Will there be money for infrastructure projects?’”

The MP confirmed that the government said $70 billion will be invested for infrastructure over the next decade, although he will be monitoring to ensure that those funds trickle down to B.C.’s rural communities.

“I am hoping this is new investment money that will be released.

“And that it doesn’t just go to subways in Greater Toronto or the Champlain Bridge in Montreal. We need to make sure rural communities can apply for this money.”

There were a few glaring issues that stood out that Atamanenko is opposed to. The trade deal with the European Union that will in effect, double the quota for imported cheese.

“We don’t know what’s in that deal,” he said. “But we do know importing more cheese will hurt our Canadian farmers. How can that be a good deal when you are taking away business from our farms?”