Meet the Candidates: Bill Bain

Village of Warfield: Bain, Bill – Council Candidate

  • Oct. 31, 2014 11:00 a.m.

I am 78 yrs. old.  I grew up in Trail, spent my entire career employed at Cominco (Teck) for 42 years, and have lived in Warfield for the past 37 years.

My wife and I raised our five children here and have spent our lives volunteering in this community.  I spent 18 years on the Board of the Warfield Credit Union.

I was involved in the start of Emerald Ridge and spent  17 years as a member of the Warfield Volunteer Fire Department.  I retired as captain at the age of 60, as is required.  I am currently still involved in the Warfield Park and Rec department and cook at all their events.

I was on the Warfield Village council for six years, starting in 1996.  During that time, I was instrumental is the beginning of the Village’s own water system.

If I am elected, my number one challenge will be with taxpayer money, as well as grant money, to ensure that all money is being spent properly.  I also very strongly believe in keeping all the amenities and benefits we have in the village, such as the outdoor pool, the Parks and Rec department, the Garden Club, our elementary school and preschool.  My strategy is to be vocal in my opinion and support these things and to ensure that all citizens are well informed at all times.

The council of the last three years has done an outstanding job and they’ve taken a lot flack over certain issues.  I hope to continue their great work in an effort to keep our village the amazing place that it is.