Meet the Candidates: Bill Trewhella

Village of Warfield: Trewhella, Bill – Mayor Candidate

  • Oct. 31, 2014 4:00 p.m.

I am 74 and a retired power engineer and training co-ordinator at Celgar Pulp, for 33 years

I am running in this election because this village is as much home to me and my family as it is to most residents. I care deeply for our community. I also believe in public service and I believe that one should do all they can, for as many as they can, for as long as they can. I served on Warfield Council for 15 years, four as alderman and 11 as mayor.

I believe that anyone who aspires to be a leader must have a personal mission- mine is to see that our village continues to be a wonderful place for our current residents, a viable choice for new residents, a safe place to live and raise families and a village full of residents with the kind of community spirit and sense of belonging we have enjoyed for so many years.

The number-one issue facing council is maintaining the high level of service we enjoy while holding the line on taxes. This means looking at and fine-tuning every facet of village operations.

We also have to reach out for a share of industrial taxes and show why we have deserved this for years. I feel that my experience and knowledge of the area should go a long way in pleading our case.

The outstanding issue of the last three years was the break-up of regional recreation when the City of Trail backed out. Many parents, children and groups were and still are adversely affected. This must be corrected and if elected I will work hard to foster an atmosphere of trust and co-operation with our neighbouring communities. Also, we have to speak with a collective voice when dealing with government on matters of mutual concern.

For Warfield children and parents, I will continue to advocate for Webster, our community school and it’s immeasurable contribution to the village and for educating our youngest citizens.

For our seniors, I will work to see a seniors home built in our village.

For all residents, I will ensure that you will continue to receive the level of service that you have come to expect. I will also ensure that attention does not get lost on critical issues such as sewer, water lines and road maintenance.