Meet the Candidates: Diane Langman

Village of Warfield: Langman, Diane – Council Candidate

  • Oct. 31, 2014 5:00 a.m.

Diane Langman is 34 years old and employed by the Trail and District Daycare Society at the Webster After- School Care Program and Coordinator for the CBAL Kindergym program at Webster Elementary. She also is a volunteer with the Webster PAC and the Terry Fox Foundation.  Her education background features a Bachelor of Arts Degree with a double major in English and History with a focus on BC History.

The number one challenge I see facing our council is a trust barrier.  I intend, if elected, to strengthen council’s ability to communicate with its citizens.  We need to start asking our citizens what they want, letting them have a voice in the community, listening to citizens and following up.

We need to have proper documentation, to have an up to date website, to become engaged with our community.  Becoming engaged, we stand to shape better relationships with our neighbours, whether they are within our community or the surrounding region.  It is an investment in our community to strengthen those bonds both between council and the citizens and council and neighbouring councils.

There are so many opportunities that open up when we build up those connections, building a strong, stable, sustainable future for the Village of Warfield.

The main outstanding issue from the last three years that needs to be resolved would be a long-term recreation, culture and library agreement with our neighbours.  Families, seniors, our community as a whole, need that stability.

We need to build up relationships with our neighbours and keep our citizens informed should any challenges and issues arise.  Once we address our communication issues within the village and begin engaging with our community and our neighbours, we create an amazing future with a wealth of opportunity for the Village of Warfield.

I want to see our citizens be able to have informed, well-documented information and decisions at their fingertips because, as a whole, this creates a confident, engaged community with a strong team leading them.

With a fresh approach from all sides with new councils and mayors being elected, I believe it is possible to put these issues to rest.