Meeting fallout prompts response from Trail councillor

Paul Butler is a first term councillor for the City of Trail

Coun. Paul Butler has focused on city business and purposefully avoided all the tumult. Photo: Trail Times

Coun. Paul Butler has focused on city business and purposefully avoided all the tumult. Photo: Trail Times

There’s been one voice on Trail council quietly plugging away at city business the last few years, purposefully avoiding the drama displayed between a block of four councillors against the mayor.

The Times contacted Coun. Paul Butler for a timely comment after the last council meeting fiasco was widely reported in local and provincial media. This one involved a vote of non-confidence, contrary to staff advice, by councillors Robert Cacchioni, Carol Dobie, Eleanor Gattafoni Robinson, and Colleen Jones against Mayor Lisa Pasin.

While Butler, a first term councillor, was reluctant to speak out on the years-long clash, he did explain why he has chosen to stay focused on the city business at-hand.

“At the end of the day, basically I feel that there are some councillors who have busied themselves worrying about which non-confidence motions to pass without any logical outcome or intent; and which retaliatory code of conduct complaints to put forth, with a complete disregard for how taxpayer money is being spent on these ongoing investigations and payouts of staff,” Butler explained.

“Now, here I am … trying to figure out which roads to fix, what services to prioritize, how to maintain a prudent and fiscally sound budget, solve our vulnerable populations housing issues and govern our city to the high standards set forth for both council and city by the Community Charter of British Columbia,” Butler adds.

“I believe the four councillors who initiated the non-confidence motion against Mayor Pasin have been blinded by their contempt for her and have lost their way. They seemingly have forgotten the real reason they are at the council table and that is purely to represent the interests of the residents and taxpayers of the City of Trail.”

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