Montrose’s temporary shelter bylaw up for review

The Village of Montrose council is preparing to revise the bylaw governing temporary vehicle shelters for the winter months.

One of the toughest bylaws on temporary vehicle shelters in the Greater Trail region is up for public review.

The Village of Montrose council has cracked the seal on an upcoming public meeting as they prepare to revise the bylaw governing temporary vehicle shelters for the winter months.

Initially arising out of a neighbourhood spat, a local business was found to be in non-compliance of the existing bylaw on shelters.

That brought the issue out for council to discuss and they passed the first two readings on a new bylaw, thereby landing it on the public stage for the next council meeting.

In Montrose, temporary shelters were not allowed in the front of the property beyond the front face of the principal building.

If passed, the new bylaw would be no closer than six metres or 20 per cent of the lot depth, whichever is lesser.

However, in the winter the temporary shelters would be given further latitude.

“They could allow shelters from Nov. 1 to March 1, so for the winter,” said Village chief administrative officer Kevin Chartres.

As well, the new bylaw contains an additional section on the look of the shelter.

Temporary shelters are to “be kept in good repair at all times and shall not be deemed to be unsightly or cause a public nuisance of any kind.”

The shelter material has to be clear, white or dark vinyl or canvas.

There is no bylaw on temporary shelters in Fruitvale, nor is there one in Warfield.

In Rossland temporary shelters are allowed almost anywhere on the property while there are some restrictions on shelters in Trail.

There will be a public hearing prior to the next council meeting, likely set for Jan. 17.

Any change to a zoning bylaw requires a public hearing.