“Remember that none of us are immune to the consequences of poor winter driving habits,” advises Sgt. Mike Wicentowich. Photo: Trail Times

“Remember that none of us are immune to the consequences of poor winter driving habits,” advises Sgt. Mike Wicentowich. Photo: Trail Times

November starts with plenty of calls to Trail RCMP

Fruitvale crash, salty senior and more

A crash involving two pickups in Fruitvale, a salty senior in Trail and two cases involving intoxicants, top the list of calls the Trail and Greater District RCMP are reporting this week.

Crash with injuries

Just before 7 a.m., Friday, Nov. 4, police responded to a head-on collision in the 2000 block of Highway 3B in Fruitvale. Police report the driver of a Chevy truck, a 19-year-old Trail man, and a 62-year-old Salmo man driving a Dodge truck, were injured in the crash. Both drivers were transported by ambulance to the Trail hospital for treatment, including the younger driver’s broken ankle.

Police say the Trail man is alleged to have crossed the centerline while travelling eastbound in the 90km/h speed zone and struck the oncoming truck, driven by the Salmo man. Speed and winter road conditions are suspected to be factors in the cause.

“Winter driving conditions are in full effect as we begin the month of November,” advises Trail RCMP Sgt. Mike Wicentowich. “Please slow down and drive according to conditions to help avoid losing control of your vehicle. We have had multiple motor vehicle incidents and rollovers this weekend in the West Kootenay,” he adds.

“Remember that none of us are immune to the consequences of poor winter driving habits.”

Cane-carrying senior

The afternoon of Saturday, Nov. 5, a frontline RCMP officer responded to the report of a 72-year-old Trail woman allegedly assaulting employees with her cane at a business in the 700 block of Victoria Street, in Trail.

No one was injured, however; employees contacted the Trail RCMP as they were concerned with the well-being of the woman in light of her unusual behaviour.

The officer located and spoke with her. Police say she acted out after becoming upset her purchase, a chocolate bar, and the fact that her lottery ticket turned out not to be a winner. Trail RCMP escorted the woman off the property and to her residence.

“We would like to thank the caring and kind staff for calling us to report this incident,” Sgt. Wicentowich said. “Trail RCMP will refer it to a partnering agency who can provide support for the elderly woman. We hope that this support will prevent any further future incidents.”

Impaired driver

The morning of Sunday, Nov. 6, a frontline officer responded to a complaint of a 42-year-old Trail woman and her passenger sleeping inside her parked and running vehicle in the 1300 block of Cedar Avenue, in Trail.

During the roadside interaction, the officer suspected the woman’s ability to drive was impaired by a drug. The woman underwent a Standard Field Sobriety Test that resulted in a fail, according to police. She was issued a 24-hour Immediate Roadside Prohibition.

“Trail RCMP is focused on impaired driving enforcement as holiday season approaches,” advises Wicentowich.

Drunk dial

The early evening of Sunday, Nov. 6, frontline RCMP officers were notified that an intoxicated 45-year-old Trail man had called 9-1-1 then refused to provide any information to the dispatcher.

Officers were able to locate the man’s home through the phone number he used to call 9-1-1. Police attended his residence on Sixth Avenue, in Trail, and located him inside his home.

After some verbal negotiations through the front door, the man eventually exited his residence and spoke to officers. The RCMP discovered that the man had allegedly called 9-1-1 on his girlfriend after she had yelled at him for his level of drunkenness when she arrived home from work.

His girlfriend was unaware of the emergency call and quite surprised to see police at her door. Luckily for him, she volunteered to let him stay in the residence until he was sober.

“Something tells me that this gentleman’s hangover will be the least of his problems this week,” said Wicentowich.

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