Old tires can still have a new life

Ok Tire is hold a tire roundup Saturday, Sept 15 for BC's Tire Stewardship program.

Tires that have reached their shelf life could benefit the community and the environment, according to executive director Mike Hennessy of the Tire Stewardship program in B.C. (TSBC).

OK Tire is holding a tire round-up, one of the TSBC’s province-wide fundraisers, on Old Waneta Road this Saturday.

“We try to have these events throughout the province so that communities that want to hold them and encourage retailers to hold them so we can raise funds for good causes in the community and it’s completely up to the retailer which community project they choose to sponsor and support,” said Hennessy. “It’s a really good resource.”

Donated tires will be recycled and the rubber will be used in various community projects throughout B.C. through the TSBC’s Community Grant Program, and applicants from Greater Trail may apply for available funding through an online application.

“This is our way of putting money back into the community and it encourages (retailers) to use BC’s recycled rubber,” said Hennessy. “It’s just good business all around.”

The TSBC offers two disposal options for car tires, including tires on and off of the rims of a vehicle. Alternatively consumers can drop-off up to four tires that have been cleaned and removed from the vehicle’s rim at participating retailers. Both options help reduce environmental damage in landfills.

While there, people are also encouraged to take a drive through the OK Tire car wash and grab a bite to eat at the hamburger and hot dog BBQ on-site.

In 2011, the TSBC’s grant program kept more than half a million pounds of tires out of landfills by contributing $600,000 to communities throughout the province. The money is used for recycled rubber projects like water parks, playgrounds and outdoor fitness areas.

Previous grants that were presented within the area, including contributions to the Glenmerry Community Playground during 2010.

Glenmerry was awarded $10,000 by Tire Stewardship B.C. for its plan to use 50,000 pounds of recycled rubber “crumb” under the surface of the playground.

Drop by OK Tire at 8137 Old Waneta Road between 10 a.m. and 3 p.m. to participate in the tire drop-off on Saturday.

To apply for a grant, visit www.tirestewardshipbc.ca.