Police searching for driver who fled on foot after driving through two spike belts

Police are requesting a warrant of arrest for the 22-year-old male driver who is still at large.

Castlegar RCMP were forced to use two spike belts in a bid stop a high-speed vehicle on Saturday near Salmo.

Police reports state it had received complaints of erratic driving involving a truck coming from the Grand Forks area. The truck had been reported stolen out of Alberta.

Officers attempted to stop the vehicle but the driver began driving at dangerous speeds going into oncoming traffic.

The police did not pursue but a short time later the vehicle was spotted on the Bombi Summit Pass.

Again, despite police activating emergency equipment, the driver continued his high-speed driving and forced officers to back off.

A spike belt was set up on the east side of the Bombi and the truck struck the belt but continued at a high speed despite a flat front tire.

A second spike belt was set up and was struck by the truck, which continued until the rubber on the tires had disintegrated and the truck was running on its rims.

The driver eventually lost control and went into the ditch on Highway 3 near Wildwood Lane right before the Erie Creek Provincial Park.

The driver fled into the woods on foot, but the two passengers were apprehended near the crash scene. The passengers, a 20-year-old female and an 18-year-old male, were subsequently released from police custody.

Police are requesting a warrant of arrest for the 22-year-old male driver who is still at large.

All three subjects are from Alberta.

In an unrelated matter, an Alberta man was sentenced to four months in jail on Tuesday after he was  discovered with a stolen vehicle in Castlegar on Sunday.

The man attempted to flee police on foot but struck a pole and was knocked out.