Police warn of online predator

RCMP remind parents to be vigilant about internet use

A few local teens’ post on Facebook could read ‘violated’ if a report from police is any indication.

Trail RCMP has received two leads on an account user making physical threats to convince local boys around 13 years old to add him as a     friend.

Once added, the suspect makes sexual remarks and in some instances, asks the youth to remove their clothes while using a web camera.

“When we have two people in close proximity report similar circumstances, our concern suddenly is are there more that haven’t come forward yet?” said Cpl. Mike Wilson.

While a specialized section that deals with online predators investigates these incidents, Trail RCMP is reminding parents to be mindful of their children’s Internet usage and to speak with them about online safety and any inappropriate material they may be subjected to.

“Hey, don’t be afraid to be nosy with your kids to a degree,” said Wilson, who said the online community needs to be taken seriously.

“Thirty years ago, people would have done things somewhat face-to-face, then people may have made threats or said inappropriate things over the phone and nowadays as technologies advance, there are pros and cons,” he said.

“What was typically before a very private experience online, can very quickly become something that’s nowhere near private,” he explained.

If parents have any information regarding inappropriate Internet messages to their children, they are encouraged to contact the Trail detachment at 364-2566.