Rivervale – Dust suppression program expands

THEC have teamed up with Teck to reduce the dust levels within the community by washing and sweeping the streets.

This month, Rivervale will be getting its streets washed.

The Trail Area Health and Environment Committee (THEC) have teamed up with Teck to reduce the dust levels within the community by hitting the streets with a water truck and a pick-up sweeper.

A press release on Monday says the new plans for dust suppression in Rivervale will be an expansion of the initiatives currently in place in the City of Trail.

Trail Mayor Dieter Bogs is the chair of the THEC and says the program expansion is just another step to improve the quality of life for residents in the Rivervale area.

“This is part of our continuous improvement to achieve the community’s health and environment goals,” he said in the release.

“We’re glad to see that Teck is tackling the fugitive dust issue as an essential component of this effort.”

Along with the dust suppression program expansion, the THEC has come out with playing cards designed to teach kids about the importance of keeping the dust down, especially during the summer.

“Summer is the most important time to keep the dust down,” said Program Manager for the Trail Area Health & Environment Program, Ruth Beck. “We hope families will play games with the cards and also have fun doing the activities pictured on the cards – washing hands often, washing fruits and veggies, leaving shoes at the door, damp mopping floors, hosing down outdoor toys & play areas, and grooming pets outside.”

The cards were mailed to families in Trail and Rivervale. Those who didn’t get a deck of cards, but would like some, can stop by the community program office or call Liz at 250-368-3256.