Road sense saves lives

"...over the years I have seen so many changes in the driving habits that were not so apparent in the past."

  • Apr. 27, 2013 1:00 p.m.

I have been driving for many years and all in this same community that we deem so safe to live and raise a family. But over the years I have seen so many changes in the driving habits that were not so apparent in the past.

I have thinking of a way to say this without sounding like I am just a complainer and not trying to infringe on the way people operate. It is just something to think about.

So one of the first is the use of cell phones and driving. They do hinder our response time in our driving but you still are seeing what is in front of you. But the second part is texting. I see so many drivers with their face down in their lap. They look up and see nothing is in their lane so down with the head for what they think is a split second.

The same second that I could have a heart attack and end up in your lane. But it is like anything else, we take chances because it will never happen to us.

I think cells are a great working tool. But if there was more of a penalty on these users of cell phones, you wouldn’t see so much of it. I wonder what kind of a fine I would get if I was waving my gun around downtown? No I don’t want to kill someone, but the potential is still there. So what’s the difference? The cell user just has two tons of steel to work with while driving.

And then there is the courtesy on the road. We have people in the passing lane, not moving over for the traffic. Then, when we get to where a road merges form one lane from two, comes the squeeze. There is nowhere in front of me or behind me for anyone to get in to my lane but someone comes out of nowhere from six cars behind and decides that he wants the spot in front.

So everyone in that line of cars has to all brake and slide towards the rails on the side of the road so we can accommodate this individual that so desperately needs to get in front of us so we can all ride bumper to bumper along the straight stretch along Glenmerry.

These are all things that are in our control. But it will only bother you if someone hits you but just the day before that you may have done the same thing but got away with it.  I have seen pedestrians (kids) get hit by cars and what it does to families.

There are some other factors that come up that we have no control of.

The speed limit coming in from Fruitvale is 60 kilometres. So slow. But where I really see a problem is down by the mall. The speed is too high.

There are far too many intersection and turns and jump out in that area for a speed of 80 kilometres. We have developed a lot of commercial buildings in that area but have kept a highway speed there.

That is where it should be 60 kilometres and then pick up again once you are past the mall.

How many people are scared at those intersection?

Don’t you think it is time for a change?

Brent LafaceTrail