Rossland among five bids for future home to ski museum

Rossland has been listed as one of the five locations vying to become the next home of the Canadian Ski Hall of Fame and Museum.

Rossland has been listed as one of the five locations vying to become the next home of the Canadian Ski Hall of Fame and Museum.

In an interview with the Revelstoke Times Review, Chris Edgell, director of the museum, said that Rossland along with Revelstoke are among the four B.C. locations bidding to house the museum.

Mont Tremblant, Que., joins Revelstoke, Rossland, Whistler and Grouse Mountain as the suitors hoping to provide a new location for the collection valued at $1.5 million.

“Rossland and Revelstoke have an advantage in a way (because) they are museum oriented,” Edgell said in a telephone interview with Times Review editor Aaron Orlando. “You’re going to have a better ability to be precise with your budget.”

Edgell, who is also leading the committee for the new location, said the deadline for interested parties to come forward was March 1.

Rossland Mayor Greg Granstrom said the next step for Rossland is to establish a committee “to proceed with the development of a proposal.”

“Rossland has had an effective and sustainable museum since the mid-1950s,” he added.

Edgell explained to the Times Review that several factors would go into the final decision.

“The collection will go to the best presentation, the best situation to sustain the collection and let it grow and get it in front of as many visitors as possible,

“We’re remaining very flexible in terms of what each area can offer,” Edgell said. “I think that’s an important piece of the puzzle because everybody has a different view as to what the whole thing should look like. We’re looking for sustainability for the future.”

He added the winning bid would likely involve a corporate sponsor.

And that fits right into Rossland’s plans.

“Rossland is extremely fortunate to have a great relationship with Teck Metals,” said Granstrom. “Cominco and now Teck have been active participants in the (Rossland) museum since its inception. Currently the city, the museum board and Teck Metals Limited are exploring the feasibility of adding a totally new dynamic to the museum.”

Granstrom added that history is a cornerstone of the Golden City.

“Rossland is very experienced in the preservation and display of the history of this great city. Our history is in many aspects the history of our country.

“The display and promotion of the Ski Hall of Fame and Museum is a most natural fit.”

A lack of funding has predicated the museum’s move out of its location in Ottawa, with donations and memberships not adequately sustaining the growth in the collection and the need for a professional curator.

Edgell told Orlando that the museum also faces stiff competition for tourists going up against world-class museums in the nation’s capital.

“It’s difficult to focus on the sport of skiing in Ottawa,” he said.