Rossland’s Rebecca Reid seizes musical moment

Rossland’s Rebecca Reid seizes musical moment

Rossland singer and med student Rebecca Reid releases new single, EP set for release in 2020

Sometimes music is the best medicine.

Just ask Rossland’s Rebecca Reid, who made the most of the COVID-caused break in her studies by creating and recording beautiful music.

Reid is studying medicine at the University of Alberta, but once the pandemic hit, her studies were halted and, for a while, she could no longer work as an intern, giving her an opportune time to devote to her other passion.

“I seriously considered starting this last spring,” said Reid. “After second year med-school ended, and I had some relationship stuff going, it made for some self-reflection and I started writing again.”

With the unexpected time and space, Reid took the next big step in polishing her raw talent and bringing the whole package to the next level.

“I thought, ‘I wonder what it would sound like to produce songs at a professional quality?’” said Reid. “So I sought out a producer and said, ‘I’m going to do it, figure it out’, and then just started on my way.”

The 27-year-old artist released her first single ‘What about us?’ in May, followed by her first music video of the same song in June, which was filmed and produced by fellow Rosslander Stephen Fry of Ground to Sky Media.

On Friday, July 10, Rebecca released her second solo single called ‘The Idea,’ a provocative mix of soaring melodies and simmering introspection reminiscent of the 10,000 Maniacs’ songstress Natalie Merchant.

The pandemic afforded her the opportunity to complete and record the songs, albeit under the new-normal protocol for recording artists.

“We were working over Zoom,” explained Reid. “My producer, sound engineer and I, we were all in separate locations working on music. And it was so cool, where we created these amazing songs … over Zoom!”

The group recorded the instrumental tracks, separately, then Reid sang the vocals in the studio, and the result is luminous.

Rebecca also recently joined up with Velveteenrecords, the producer of her debut EP set for release in late 2020. The EP will include five songs that will amplify and compliment her growing repertoire.

“The EP is under production, and the plan is that the songs will be ready by November or December,” said Reid. “I’m excited for that, it’s a really nice goal.”

The former Black Jack skier and National Jr. Ski Team member honed her vocal skills and learned to play the piano while growing up in Rossland.

“Music was always part of my life, I was in music lessons since I was super young, and my mom valued it as a language.”

Her dedication and hard work brought her national success on the cross-country ski track, and she ultimately competed for Team Canada at the Jr./U23 World Cup.

Yet, it also taught her that there was more to life than racing.

”With sport I got to a point where I was tapped out, and then my body said no, and I said, ‘Okay.’”

Reid has since returned to her internship and studies, however, her prescription for happiness is to devote her time to medicine and music, both healing and inspiring.

“I don’t have to be perfect at this. When I write music, I love it, and I think other people will appreciate it. I don’t have to be the next Whitney Houston, Christine Aguilera, or Celine Dion, or Adele; I just have to be Rebecca.

“I still have a voice, and I still have something to say.”

Get to know Rebecca by visiting her FaceBook page, a must-see for music fans as Reid covers a wide spectrum of hits on her #30secThursdays and other entertaining and enjoyable posts.

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Rossland’s Rebecca Reid seizes musical moment