– Rural culture attracts provincial trendsetters

BC Rural Summit will draw city councilors, volunteer organizations and regional directors from Greater Trail.

Officials have been searching for a solution to generating sustainability in rural communities for years, but one woman believes decisions carry more weight if the community has an input.

The bi-annual BC Rural Summit is hosting a series of workshops and lectures about growing sustainable rural communities in Grand Forks from Thursday to Saturday.

“There’s certainly a role for the federal and provincial government, private sector and business, but if you’re going to keep your community sustainable, the solution has to come from within the community,” said Maureen LeBourdais the manager of the smart planning for communities program at the Fraser Basin Council.

The public forum will attract over 150 people from all walks of life—including some city councilors, volunteer organizations and regional directors from Greater Trail.

The BC Rural Committees Summit is co-sponsored by the Regional District  of Kootenay Boundary and the BC Rural Network. The BC Rural Network was founded in 2004 to identify problems and find solutions for the complexities that engulf remote communities.

The conference includes several workshops and presentations that aim to raise awareness about remote communities within the province. It will cover topics ranging from learning how to apply strategic ideas to hands-on work demonstrate how to reflect areas of concerns for rural communities from people facing similar problems.

“We have everything from education to the food economy, tourism and planning or social enterprise,” said LeBourdais. “There are several different scenes that do emerge from summit to summit because we try to get a wide cross section of workshops.”

A keynote address from Selkirk College’s CEO of Angus Graeme focuses on life-long learning based within the community.

Other highlights of the event include live entertainment and a banquet.

The BC Rural Network, in partnership with the Regional District of Kootenay Boundary and Community Futures Boundary will host the seventh BC Rural Communities Summit in Grand Forks. The event will take place at the Grand Forks Secondary School between June 7—9.

For more information, visit http://www.bcruralsummit.ca/