Salmo Council Briefs

Salmo Council discussed the construction of a wetland, Dot night at the community centre, and the consideration of a pesticide ban.

Natural Wetlands construct

Scott Sommerville, chief administrative officer, announced that the village has received $10,000 from Columbia Basin Trust (CBT), to construct a wetland to serve as a stormwater retention basin, in order to collect and filter water before it enters Wilde Creek.

The stormwater retention basin, located in the northeast corner of Knights of Pythias Park, is intended to be a natural catchment basin rather than a traditional concrete pool, permitting the water to penetrate into native soil at a rate which is not overwhelming to the ecosystem.


Bring ID to Dot night

Dot night is April 8 at 7 p.m. in the community centre.  So far, 29 applicants will plead their case in bids to receive CBT community initiatives grant money. Anyone may attend, but to vote, proof of residency for Salmo or Area G, must be presented at the door.

“The best thing to bring is a utility bill to show that yes, you are living here,” said Mayor Henderson.


Pesticide Ban

Council is also considering a pesticide bylaw that in effect, will ban “cosmetic” pesticides within village limits.