Skate park design goes 3D

Residents will be given a sneak peak at what Trail’s new skate park in the Gulch could look like Wednesday.

Residents will be given a sneak peak at what Trail’s new skate park in the Gulch could look like Wednesday.

Trevor Morgan of New Line Skate Parks will be back to host his second workshop, where he’ll uncover 3D renderings of the proposed concept.

After a brainstorming session with residents back in September, the Vancouver-based company has been referring to community input to create the $25,000 design.

“For them, the wheel park was all about creating something that the community could really get behind and really appreciate,” said River Jones, Columbia Youth Community Development Centre coordinator and Trail skateboard park committee member.

New Line wowed the park committee from the beginning when their pitch also included concepts that really spoke to the area.

“Their proposal demonstrated that they had done some homework on the Trail area – they knew about the Gulch and the Italian heritage ­– and to us it really showed that, as a company, they really go that extra mile and are looking into what would really make it special and valuable to a community as a whole, not just the skaters,” said Jones.

Considered a “wheel park,” the 8,000-square-foot recreational facility on Rossland Avenue will be open to skateboarders, roller skaters, inline skaters, scooter riders and BMX bike riders to develop their technique.

Beyond park elements like rails, ramps and ledges, those who participated in the last workshop touched on overall themes from Italian heritage to industry and the community’s mining history.

The design should also include elements that will attract members of the community just looking to unwind and appreciate the facility.

“A lot of kids that skate are going to have a younger brother or younger sister and to be able to go there and have a space where you can hang out, keep an eye on your kids or be part of it, is really a crucial component,” said Jones.

Residents are invited to provide further feedback to Morgan at the workshop held in the Red Floor room at the Trail Memorial Centre Wednesday at 7 p.m.