The landscaping plan for the Rossland Skatepark and Rossland Youth Action Network building. (Rossland Skatepark Association)

The landscaping plan for the Rossland Skatepark and Rossland Youth Action Network building. (Rossland Skatepark Association)

Skatepark group asks Rossland to waive $20,000 loan

Robin Strachan said the first section of the Rossland Skatepark was built for $320,000.

A representative of the Rossland Skatepark Association appeared before Rossland City Council on Monday to ask the City of Rossland to forgive its $20,000 loan for the construction of the skatepark.

Robin Strachan, a member of the Rossland Skatepark Association (RSA), informed council that the first section of the Rossland Skatepark, the bowl, was built for about $320,000.

“If you look at the build cost — you look around at Montrose and Trail and what they’re proposing for the build — we built this for about 65 to 50 per cent of the actual going rate for the build cost,” he said. “So I think it’s not fair to make a comparison to what it would cost to do a design-build and if you were just writing a cheque to build a park, but I really think that speaks to the efforts that the RSA has put together, what the city has been able to offer for help and local contractors.”

The next stage will be building the street section of the park and doing the landscaping.

The RSA has $9,600 saved from a grant it received from a Community Initiatives Grant to do the landscaping, though the landscaping plan is still coming together, so the final budget has not been calculated.

Strachan said the market cost of materials for the street section is estimated at just under $20,000, but the RSA believes they will be able to acquire some in-kind materials. He also said that they believed they would be able to build the section with volunteer labour.

At the same time, the first part of the project was over by approximately $20,000 and the RSA borrowed that money from the City of Rossland.

The RSA sent Strachan to ask the city to forgive the loan so that it can focus on completing the skatepark, but at the very end of the council meeting, councillors discussed the issue and decided that they would not forgive the loan.

The grand opening of the Rossland Skatepark will be on June 2.

Council approves rezoning of 2160 Queen St.

Council heard from neighbours who were concerned about the rezoning of the lot at 2160 Queen St. at a public hearing immediately proceeding Monday night’s council meeting.

The rezoning application was to change the lot from multiple family residential to infill residential with the intention of building three sustainable houses or units.

Neighbours were concerned about the extra traffic and parking need that building on the lot would require. They also expressed concerns about the possible height of the houses or units.

Stacey Lightbourne, city planner, assured them that the owner would have to meet parking requirements for the development.

City staff and council also pointed out that the multiple family residential zoning actually allows for greater density, as well as a taller building height.

In the end, council voted to approve the rezoning.

City prepping cannabis regulation survey

In preparation for the legalization of recreational cannabis, the City of Rossland is preparing a survey so that Rosslanders can have input on municipal regulations.

Local governments will be able to regulate the location and number of retail cannabis stores and support from the local government will be a prerequisite for a retail cannabis store to receive a provincially issued license. Local governments will also be able to impose security requirements and can further restrict hours of operation, which the province has set from 9 a.m. to 11 p.m.

The City of Rossland’s survey will ask Rosslanders about their concerns when it comes to the legalization of cannabis and how they think the city should regulate cannabis stores and cannabis consumption.

RDKB offering wood stove exchange program

The Regional District of Kootenay Boundary (RDKB) has put $6,000 toward the 2018 Wood Stove Exchange Program and there is still $5,000 available in local rebates.

Residents who qualify could receive $250 toward a new EPA/CSA approved wood burning appliance or $400 toward a pellet, propane or liquefied petroleum stove or electric heat pump.

Those wanting new information should contact John Vere, Wood Stove Exchange Program coordinator, at or 1-866-992-9663.


Construction on the Rossland Skatepark’s bowl finished last fall.

Construction on the Rossland Skatepark’s bowl finished last fall.