Some New Year suggestions worth resolving

Dave Thompson's suggestions for New Year's resolutions

Looks like most of us have survived 2011 – If you are reading this, you are already guaranteed that (that doesn’t mean don’t be careful out there from now on) – and can focus on the things we should do to make things better in 2012.

Be it Resolved!

Lots of people around here already do as much as they can, as volunteers. If you are among those who don’t, there’s a ready-made resolution for you right here.

If you are among the many who do pitch in – thank you.

Lots of people, too, claim to be hockey fans, although the number of those dressed up as empty seats at local games can be alarming. If you are among the latter, resolve to take in at least a few of the games your friends and neighbours organize and support.

Blah, blah, blah  – of course most of us could stand a bit more exercise, a bit less food and other stuff that’s, “bad,” for us. Resolutions are frequently unhelpful in this regard, but, made public for the sake of encouragement from others, can slowly help us along.

Then there is that smoking thing, but I can neither preach nor pontificate about that.

What once would have been an unimaginable number of local drivers should, by discipline (lack of, you know, laziness) or remedial education:

Re-learn why signal lights are not optional on cars made anywhere – you know, they are supposed to be used before changing lanes, beginning a turn, pulling over to talk on your cellphone (no ifs, ands or buts);

Keep in the front of their minds that the left-hand lane on highways is ONLY for passing other cars and the right hand lane is much safer in almost every circumstance.

It just isn’t acceptable that so many, after turning onto a highway in the left lane, are too lazy or stupid to signal and get into the right hand lane to travel. The fact a left turn might or will be necessary, eventually, isn’t an excuse for breaking rules of the road and creating danger for others;

Drive with some sort of lights on, in order to better be seen by other traffic.

Take their time in town, including residential areas, where hurrying does nothing to decrease the length of travel.

Stop talking to passengers if they cannot do so without actually looking at them. Surely, in these days of reduced face time, by choice, everywhere in our lives, we can foreswear eye contact for the duration of whatever trip we are conducting.

Focus, focus, focus, like traditional physicians, on doing no harm.

It once was that people I met in my travels commented on the high quality of drivers from this area. In part, I suppose, that was because roads here mandated that drivers either paid serious attention or met serious consequences. The road through Beaver Bend, for example required, winter and summer, that drivers make a sharp 90 degree turn on the other side of Warfield pool and yet I can only recall two instances, one summer, one winter, in which a car went over that bank.

Whatever the original reason, I would like to see us rebuild that reputation.

New topic.

I firmly resolve to get out to a Nitehawks game, and not just to get Dennis Bedin off my, uh, case.

The Nitehawks organization has always done an excellent job of competing, and developing local and other players. They, too, are a local team and deserving of support.

The Nitehawks and Smoke Eaters both have lots of home games early in the new year, so you have an immediate opportunity to keep Suggested Resolution Number Two.

Think about this stuff – you won’t regret it.

Happy 2012, and congratulations for getting there.