StatsCan bringing mobile clinic to Trail

Stats Can says participants will be randomly selected for a mobile health clinic that is coming to Trail in April.

Statistics Canada is setting up shop in Trail for a few months

Statistics Canada is setting up shop in Trail for a few months


Statistics Canada is setting up shop in Trail for a few months, so anyone between the ages of six and 79, could become a subject in the two-part study.

A mobile examination clinic of three large trailers will be operating from the chain-up area on Rossland Avenue from April 3 to June 1 eight Stats Can employees will be on shift daily and housed in an adjacent utility staff trailer.

About 20,000 Canadians from 65 cities have already taken part in the process, which includes a one-hour interview and up to three hours for the medical examination.

While there may be people interested in signing up, Stats Can says participants will be randomly selected. Participation is voluntary but informed consent is required.

“We are expecting approximately 365 respondents to participate at the Canadian Health Measures Survey clinic,” Media Relations Officer Anthony Ertl told the Trail Times.

Respective data will be used as part of a national data bank for, but not limited to, emerging public health issues and major health concerns and the assembly of a biobank for future research of blood, blood components, urine and DNA.

For 10 years, Stats Canada has used this particular survey and method to collection coast-to-coast information about the general health and lifestyle of Canadians.

The first step involves an in-home interview with the participant.

“All of the information that they need to know will be provided at the household interview,” Ertl clarified.

Following the personal interview, as part of the survey, physical measurements such as blood pressure, height and weight will be taken by a trained professional in the mobile clinic. Samples of blood and urine will also be collected and sent to off site labs to test for chronic diseases as well as nutritional and environmental markers.

“It is an excellent opportunity for participants to contribute to the health data available in Canada,” Ertl said. “They will also receive their own results from the tests performed after the clinic visit‎.”

The CHMS (Canadian Health Measures Survey) was developed by Stats Can in partnership with the Public Health Agency of Canada, Health Canada and the Canadian Institute for Health Information.

Through fitness measurements and specimen analysis, Stats Canada will compile the results and provide national data on health indicators that will assist future research.

Trail council recently agreed for the clinic to be set up on Rossland Avenue, the initiative will not bring any direct costs to the city.