Stolen doorstep deliveries prompt advisory from Trail RCMP

Police are warning people about thieves targeting deliveries in the Trail area

Unsplash photo

Unsplash photo


Turns out a neighbour noticed these packages on the door step and took them home for safekeeping. The police still recommend locals take some precautions, however.

“The seasonal warning still stands as this will continue to be a trend throughout the holiday season,” said Sgt. Mike Wicentowich.


As Christmas nears, police are warning locals about a grinch who has already lifted deliveries from the door step of a Trail home.

On Friday, just before 12:30 p.m., the Trail and Greater District RCMP were notified about two delivered Amazon packages stolen from the doorstep of a residence located in the 1700 block of Groutage Avenue.

“This comes as an earning warning to the public as Christmas approaches and home delivery begins to peak,” says Sgt. Mike Wicentowich.

He says the RCMP recommend the following precautions:

– Install a security camera preferably with motion detectors and connects to your smart phone

– Cameras can alert you to when packages are delivered

– Cameras help the police identify and track down package thieves

– Cameras are relatively affordable nowadays. Smart doorbells are a popular choice that combine a doorbell, motion-activated camera, two-way audio capabilities, and connects to your cell phone

– Get to know your delivery people

– Let them know where and when you prefer to have packages delivered

– Ask them to leave a delivery notice instead of the package. They can watch out for anyone acting suspiciously around your residence as they deliver packages to your home.

– Have a designated and secure spot for your package

– Install a locker or locking box on your property which packages can be secured by the delivery person

– Have it delivered directly to you at your work

– Rent a secure post office mailbox from Canada Post for a reasonable fee

– Team up with your neighbours

“If you are home, keep an eye on your neighbouring residences and ask your neighbours to do the same,” he suggested. “Ask your neighbour to secure your packages for you after delivery. Some neighbourhoods form Facebook groups and share information about the daily activities in their area.”

Finally, Wicentowich reminds the public to report suspicious activity and package thefts to the RCMP as information can be used to track down the thieves.