Trail and District RCMP faced a week of wild encounters

The RCMP helped bust out a bear locked in a Rossland resident’s vehicle

It was a wild week for Trail and Greater District RCMP.

Trail RCMP were called to a vehicle fire on Schofield Hwy between Rossland and Warfield, Apr. 5 at 4:17 p.m., where they located the male driver and his small dog safe on the side of the road.

The owner explained, he was driving down the hill towards Warfield when smoke started coming from beneath the center console and quickly turned to flames. The man was able to safely pull over and evacuate the vehicle before calling 9-1-1 for help.

Fire Services were already on scene and extinguishing the blaze when police arrived.

• Trail RCMP are reminding residents that bears are back in town and will go to extreme limits to find food.

On April 20 at 3:50 a.m., Trail and Greater District RCMP received a report that a large black bear was caught inside a person’s truck ironically on Black Bear Drive in Rossland. The bear was successful at opening the door and climbing inside, however the door closed behind him and he became trapped.

Front line RCMP officers attended and strategized a plan to help the bear escape without injury to anyone or the bear. With both police cruisers nosed into the front of the truck a long rope was then tied to the driver’s side door handle. With both police officer’s safely inside their police vehicles the rope was pulled and the door opened allowing the black bear to exit the truck and make his way back to the forest.

The bear apparently entered the vehicle after some alluring smells of left over fast food packaging was left inside.

RCMP is reminding the community of the importance not to leave any household food garbage outside of the house or inside motor vehicles.

• On Apr. 17 Trail and Greater District RCMP received a report of an abandoned 2020 Ford F-150 near Nine Mile Road that appeared to have extensive damage including what appeared to be bullet holes.

RCMP responded and transported the vehicle back to the detachment for a full examination.

Forensic specialists attended and conducted a full forensic investigation of the motor vehicle. Their examination provided investigators with confirmation that the damage was consistent with bullet holes.

The registered owner of the vehicle was contacted and advised of the damage to the vehicle.

The file is currently under investigation and should anyone in the public have any further information please contact the Trail and Greater District RCMP Detachment at (250)-364-2566 or to report information anonymously to Crime Stoppers at 1-800-222-TIPS (8477).

• On April 19, RCMP arrested a 38-year-old man wanted in Surrey on three unendorsed warrants for his arrest.

Front line Trail RCMP officers were made aware that the man may be hiding in the Rossland area, wanted on a multitude of serious violent offences.

An investigation began and Trail RCMP was able to track him to a Rossland home where his bath was interrupted by the arresting officer, who then escorted him to the local detachment.

A bail hearing was held and the man was remanded into custody.