(Age-friendly planning image)

(Age-friendly planning image)

Trail appoints members to Seniors Advisory Committee

Committee’s first meeting is slated for April 29

Coun. Robert Cacchioni recently announced 13 members selected to head the newly formed Seniors Advisory Committee.

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“The first meeting is April 29, we intend to review the terms of reference, the recommendations from the aging committee, and then let individual members raise issues if they want to raise,” Cacchioni said.

“We hope that this will give a voice to our seniors who make up now 30 per cent of our population,” he added. “We will decide what we are going to make public after each meeting by consensus of the group.”

Representing the city are councillors Robert Cacchioni, Carol Dobie and Eleanor Gattafoni Robinson as well as Trisha Davison, director of parks and recreation. Other members include Registered Nurse Tara Bullanoff from Interior Health, Ann Godderis from the Trail FAIR Society, Marg Taylor from the Society for the Protection and Care of Seniors and Morag Carter from the Trail Skills Centre. The three community-at-large members are Bryan DeFerro, Roger Prior and Samantha Murphy.

“As a senior, I hope to be a part or contribute to any decisions that will make a difference in our lifestyle, quality of life and accessibility to services in the City of Trail,” Bryan DeFerro told the Times. “For myself right now, I don’t feel there is much lacking. But as we all know, things can change very quickly,” he added.

“So ask me this question in six months, and I might have a totally different answer for you.”

The committee’s primary mandate is to serve in an advisory capacity on matters impacting the local senior’s population, such as programs and municipal services. In particular, the committee will play a role in helping to advance initiatives identified for Trail in the Age Friendly Action Plan.


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