Trail high school hosts 32nd annual Pumpkin Classic debate

Trail high school hosts 32nd annual Pumpkin Classic debate

Students from Kelowna, Nelson, and Rossland attended the debate at J.L. Crowe Secondary School

Final results are in for the 32nd Annual Pumpkin Classic Debate Tourney with the JL. Crowe winners of each of the categories listed below.

Teams participated from Kelowna Secondary, LV Rogers, Wildflower, Trafalgar all from Nelson, and Seven Summits of Rossland.

The topic for the senior and junior categories was: This house would have mandatory voting in national elections.

The novice topic was: This house would not eat meat.

The topics brought forward a number of valid contentions in support of either the affirmative or negative position. Whether we eat meat or all have to vote in our next election will be for the politicians to decide.

The novice category (including grade six, seven and eights) show great promise in this skill building activity. Mikayla Helgren (JLC) placed first, Jill O’Hearn-Stone (JLC) second and Bea Kelly from Trafalgar was third.

In the team division, Helgren paired with O’Hearn-Stone took first, and Brady Mailey of JLC paired with Hazel Hofmann-Miller of Wildflower (Nelson) placed third.

In the junior category, Sasha Leithead (JLC) placed first, Katie Mountain (JLC) placed second tied with Lily Holmes of Seven Summits in Rossland, Ripley Shubert (JLC) came third.

In the team division, Katie Mountain and Ripley Shubert placed first, Kelowna’s Ojawi Chetri and Holly Layman placed second and Sasha Leithead (JLC) paired with Tim Johnson placed third. Ava David and Cassidy LaFond placed seventh. The students competed in the first round in the cross examination style followed by the Canadian National Debate Format (CNDF) in their second and third rounds.

In the senior division, Nelson and Kelowna teams dominated the debates showing both skill and knowledge of the topic. LV Rogers Michael Rhodes-Bliss and his partner Sabien Edney placed first, Harlan Hofmann-Miller paired with Willa Morrison placed second with Jack Toussaint-Thomas and Parker Dent of Kelowna placing third. Mark Yo and Bethany Worsnop represented JL Crowe in this division and tied for fourth.

Individually, Michael Rhodes-Bliss was first, Harlan Hofmann-Miller was second and was followed closely by Sabien Edney in third place.

Many thanks go out to our community participants who kindly came forward to assist in the adjudication of the tournament. Helpers from JL Crowe volunteered in a variety of capacities to make the tournament run smoothly and many thanks also go to the parent who worked behind the scenes to keep everyone fed.

Students may now look forward to the their next major tournament to be held at LV Rogers in Nelson in the new year.