Trail hires new midway amusements contractor for Silver City Days

Shooting Star Amusements will be taking over the midway at the next Silver City Days and bringing some new rides to Trail.

It’s out with the old and in with the new as Trail council makes way for a revitalized Silver City Days.

Shooting Star Amusements, a Vancouver-based carnival is heading to Trail in May, bringing new rides for young children and thrill-seeking rides like the Zipper and Kamikaze, for the older ones.

For decades West Coast Amusements traveled to downtown Trail for the five-day carnival, but the new family-owned company is more fitting with the city’s vision, says Coun. Sandy Santori.

“They brought a lot to the table with our focus being primarily on families,” he explained during the Tuesday governance meeting. “That’s something we want to encourage. They have the same rides for the older kids and to attract more families, offer more rides for young kids.”

Aside from midway attractions such as the Kiddie Merry Go Round, the Go Gator Coaster and the Space Train, another visual change will be apparent when the new carnival workers arrive in town.

“The (Shooting Star) employees stay at hotels, they won’t stay in trailers on site,” mentioned the councillor, who also chairs the Silver City Days Committee (SCDC). “They don’t need use of our facilities and they won’t have as many big trucks.”

Council members awarded the company a three-year contract, which involves revenue sharing based on gross receipts realized during the event, clarified Chief Administrative Officer, David Perehudoff.

He said the decision was based on a direct interview process.

“Although both proposals were quite similar in terms of compensation to the city,” Perehudoff added. “The proposal received from Shooting Star Amusements was slightly more favourable from a financial perspective.”

Reference checks to the City of Nanaimo and City of Rutland were made prior to the recommendation, Perehudoff confirmed, noting both municipalities were happy with Shooting Star Amusements and the company’s excellent selection of amenities for all ages.

“We are delighted by this new opportunity,” Brenda Medeiros, Shooting Star’s owner and director of sales and marketing, said in a Trail news release. “We can’t wait to see miles and miles of smiles in Trail as we bring our carnival to the Kootenays in May 2016.”

Planning for the annual celebrations, slated for May 4 to May 8, is well underway by the committee and Keith Smyth, SCDC operations manager.

“One of the committee’s goals is to bring change to Silver City Days through new ideas, activities and events,” says Smyth. “Entering into a contract with Shooting Star Amusements aligns with our vision as we want our community to enjoy other options and experiences.”