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Trail man jailed after police find loaded handgun during check stop

The incident occurred at a checkpoint Trail police set up over the holidays

A Trail man is behind bars after police seized weapons, drugs and cash at a recent road block.

He is slated to make an appearance in the Rossland courthouse on Thursday, Jan. 7, potentially facing several criminal charges stemming from the incident.

“During one road safety check stop, a front line RCMP officer began an investigation into a 40-year-old Trail man after a knife was spotted inside the man’s vehicle,” Sgt. Mike Wicentowich reported Jan 6.

“The RCMP officer arrested the man for allegedly breaching his condition not to possess any weapons, which included the knife.”

A search by police incidental to the man’s arrest led to the seizure of a loaded handgun, a second knife, a small amount of a drugs suspected to be fentanyl, one pound of cannabis and $1,110 in cash.

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