Trail: March stats for Crime Reduction Unit

The Crime Reduction Unit is a partnership between Trail and the RCMP. The unit provides a monthly report of activities to Trail council.

  • Apr. 13, 2017 6:00 p.m.
CRU provides summary of March actions to Trail council.

CRU provides summary of March actions to Trail council.

The Crime Reduction Unit is a partnership between the City of Trail and the RCMP. The unit provides a monthly report of activities to Trail council.


March 3 Missing Person

CRU assisted in locating a female who posted on social media that she had intentions to harm herself. CRU conducted an investigation and directed members on Vancouver Island to the place where the female was located and assessed for mental health.

March 3 Breach of Probation

CRU conducted a curfew check and found a local offender in violation of his court ordered conditions on two separate occasions. The offender was later arrested and is awaiting court.

March 16 Arrest warrants -Pointing a firearm and Fail to Comply

CRU located a male that was evading police as he was wanted on warrants. The male was arrested and processed by CRU. That male is now awaiting court.

March 16 Possession of a Controlled Substance

CRU arrested a male who was found in possession of a small amount of marijuana. As the quantity of marijuana did not meet a threshold for charge approval, the drug was seized with no charge being forwarded.

March 16 Possession of Child Pornography

CRU was requested to assist with an investigation into the possession of Child Pornography. Further details cannot be released on this matter as it is subject to a publication ban.

March 24 Possession of a Controlled Drug

During the course of an investigation, CRU arrested a male and located a substance that tested positive for cocaine. The male was later released on paperwork and is awaiting court.

March 24 Prohibited driver

While conducting covert surveillance on a residence believed to be trafficking in controlled substances, CRU noted a vehicle being driven by an unlicensed driver that was prohibited to operate a motor vehicle. To ensure that the surveillance wasn’t halted, CRU directed a uniformed officer to conduct a vehicle stop where the vehicle was impounded and the driver was arrested under the motor vehicle act. That driver is currently awaiting court.

March 25 Trafficking a Controlled Drug

CRU conducted an investigation into an individual believed to be trafficking in Cocaine and Fentanyl. CRU obtained a warrant to search a residence on Topping St and arrested a female who was in possession of Cocaine and Fentanyl. A charge of Possession for the Purpose of Trafficking in a Controlled Substance was laid and the female is awaiting court.

Other CRU actions:

March 1 MDO meeting

CRU took part in a round table discussion involving partners in the community. Common clients’ needs and challenges were discussed in efforts to find a holistic approach to resolving issues.

School Visits

CRU continued to liaise with schools in the City of Trail and conducted numerous school visits.

Licensed Premises Checks and Smoke Eaters games

CRU conducted checks of local licensed premises and attended Smoke Eater games for visibility and crime prevention.

Traffic Enforcement

While conducting patrols in the month of March, CRU issued three violation tickets and five notice and orders to drivers for various infractions and vehicle safety concerns. One vehicle was impounded as the driver was subject to a Provincial ordered vehicle impound if found driving.

March Compliance Checks

CRU conducted curfew checks to ensure compliance with court imposed conditions.