Lisa Pasin is finishing out her first term as elected mayor for the City of Trail.

Lisa Pasin is finishing out her first term as elected mayor for the City of Trail.

Trail mayor counters political turmoil by running for a second term

Lisa Pasin was a Trail councillor for 4 years before being elected City of Trail mayor in 2018

Mayor Lisa Pasin has confirmed to the Trail Times that she will indeed be running for a second term this fall, despite all the challenges the city has faced since she first took on the lead civic role in 2018.

“I will be seeking re-election as mayor in the October 2022 municipal elections because I believe I can guide Trail through important upcoming issues and challenges,” said Pasin.

“We have much to do to live up to our Home of Champions title. Building our communities’ resilience is key in areas of diversified housing development, infrastructure renewal, economic development, environmental stewardship and stabilizing the vulnerable population,” she said.

“City staff is our most valuable resource and I commit to ensuring city staff have a safe and respectful work environment, and the city remains an employer of choice.”

Pasin referred to the most recent council meeting wherein, contrary to administrative staff advice, four councillors held a vote of non-confidence against the mayor, saying this political move was to have an “opinion” on record.

Pasin says the amount of public support she has received following the near-and-far reporting of this political play has been “both humbling and inspiring.”

“I will not be deterred by the sabotage that has been directed at myself and the office of the mayor,” she said.

Challenging as it can sometimes be, Pasin says she encourages all interested citizens to run for elected office.

“And I encourage everyone to get out and vote,” she adds. “By voting, you play an integral role in setting the direction of our city for the next four years. I do hope you will support my mayoral candidacy and my vision for a renewed, strong and thriving community.”

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The 2022 general local elections will be held on Oct. 15. Trail will have the mayoral seat and six councillor seats open for election.

The period for candidates to submit their nominations to local election officials opens Tuesday, Aug. 30 and closes Friday, Sept. 9.

The campaign period opens Sept. 17 and ends at the close of voting on general voting day, Oct. 15.

There are new campaign financing and advertising rules for the upcoming election that candidates, elector organizations, and third party advertisers are being advised of. Key changes include: elector organizations must register with Elections BC in order to endorse a candidate, receive a campaign contribution, or incur an election expense; sponsorship contribution limits apply to contributions made by eligible individuals to third party sponsors; during the pre-campaign period beginning on July 18, third party advertising rules apply; and all election advertising during the pre-campaign period must include an authorization statement.

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