The Trail RCMP have confirmed two grass fires were intentionally set earlier this month. Photo: Trail RCMP

The Trail RCMP have confirmed two grass fires were intentionally set earlier this month. Photo: Trail RCMP

Trail police confirm arson, issue safety warning

The Trail RCMP report they found 4 other areas showing evidence of intentionally set fires

Following are a few briefs dating to the first week of April, released by the Trail and Greater District RCMP.

Arson alert

The afternoon of Sunday, April 3, the Trail RCMP and regional firefighters responded to an intentionally set grass fire near the 5000 block of Highway 3B, in Trail. Firefighters extinguished the blaze while Trail RCMP conducted a scene examination and search of the area. Later that night, the Trail police and regional fire rescue responded to a second intentionally set grass fire near Devito Drive and Bear Creek Road, in Trail. Again, the RCMP examined the scene and searched the area while firefighters dealt with the flames. The Trail RCMP report that they located four other areas with evidence of recent intentionally set fires.

Police continue to investigate the suspicious fires and ask residents to remain on the lookout for any suspicious people or occurrences that may be related to the cause of these fires. Anyone with information is urged to call the Trail detachment at 250.364.2566.

Unidentified intruder

The afternoon of Saturday, April 2, the Trail RCMP received a report that a man claiming to be a realtor attempted to enter a home in the 500 block of Spokane Street, in Trail. The man said he was showing the house to a client as it was listed for sale. The occupant had not been notified about this potential showing, did not allow the man to continue, and the man left without incident. The occupant contacted the local real estate company who said that they did not have any showings at her residence. The complainant describes the suspect as around 5’6”, having shaved blond hair, wearing large dark sunglasses and a black sweater with a “REMAX” logo over the left breast. Anyone with information about the identity of the man, or anyone who may have experienced a similar incident, is encouraged to call the Trail detachment to speak to an investigator.

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