Photo: Nico Ismaili/Unsplash

Trail police warn against mixing drugs and alcohol after youth falls ill

Youth did the right thing and called authorities for help

Police are warning the public that mixing drugs with alcohol could have serious side effects, and to be cautious after a youth fell ill.

At 11 p.m., Oct. 23, Trail and Greater District RCMP received a request to assist a 16-year old Rossland youth who was reported to have consumed too much alcohol and marijuana at an outdoor bush party, in Rossland.

An officer arrived on scene to find a firefighter and others keeping the distressed youth comfortable and safe.

The youth admitted to mixing alcohol and marijuana and the combined effects proved too much to handle.

Fortunately, police say she was stable enough to be picked up by a parent who took her home to rest and recover.

“The Trail RCMP thank the youth at the party for doing the right thing and contacting the authorities when their friend felt ill,” said detachment commander Sgt. Mike Wicentowich.

“Mixing drugs and alcohol could have potentially serious side affects and cause one to fall seriously ill, or worse,” he adds.

“As the Halloween weekend approaches, please be responsible with alcohol and marijuana consumption and arrange for a safe ride home ahead of time.”

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