Trail pool closes for a month

The Trail Aquatic and Leisure Centr will be closed for repairs and maintenance beginning Saturday.

Aquatic centre shutdown begins this weekend.

Aquatic centre shutdown begins this weekend.

The Trail Aquatic and Leisure Centre (TALC) will be closed starting Saturday when repairs and maintenance to the inside and outside of the facility begin.

Though the pool will remain closed until Sept. 11, (re-opens Monday, Sept. 12) the Fitness Centre will be open with reduced hours starting Aug. 22.

Council recently awarded the centre’s $60,000 envelope remediation project to a Rossland contractor, the work involves the second phase of fixes to the building’s HVAC system.

“In 2012 the city began work to rectify the aquatic centre’s building envelope and mechanical dehumidification issues,” explained Trail Chief Administrative Officer David Perehudoff.

“The first phase of remediation included replacing heating, ventilation and air conditioning. Since this work has been complete there were other issues associated with the building and how it is sealed as part of dealing with air flow and properly sealing the building to reduce condensation and moisture buildup that results in a deterioration of the structure,” he added.

“The 2016 project involves ongoing work to seal the air barrier and to repair materials in the building that were damaged over the years due to the moisture concern.”

The project scope includes exterior stucco repairs, window caulking, spray foam insulation in roof decking, joint caulking between wall and roof and natatorium painting with a vapor impermeable product to create an interior vapor barrier.

The actual cost of repairs came in lower than the approved capital budget, allowing the diversion of the funding to deal with the another issue, bringing ozone levels up to regulation.

Ozone acts as a powerful sterilant and is used to destroy bacteria, viruses and odors. Following a tour by the Worksafe Hygiene Officer last year, the city was required to fine tune the TALC Ozone Room.

At the time, when the officer and staff re-calibrated the ozone settings to meet WorkSafe requirements, air seepage into the room was just enough to set off the alarm system. As compliance could not be met without triggering the alarms, the ozone system has remained unused since that time.

In July, council agreed to flow $16,000 into the project for HVAC contractors to bring the room up to code and in compliance with Worksafe regulations.