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Trail property tax payments due Monday, Aug. 31

The city deferred property tax levies roughly two months due to COVID-19 impacts to homeowners

After giving residential property taxpayers a two-month reprieve after COVID-19 hit in March, the municipality is reminding homeowners that their timeout is almost up.

“The City of Trail would like to remind property owners that 2020 property taxes are due by Monday, August 31, 2020,” the city advises.

“A 10 per cent penalty will be applied on unpaid taxes and unclaimed Home Owner Grant amounts after the due date.”

Homeowner grant:

If you are eligible for the Home Owner Grant, you can claim it online at www.trail.ca/ClaimHOG.

This must be done prior to paying your property tax and before the due date of Monday, Aug. 31.

If you claim your Home Owner Grant online, you do not need to submit the original claim form at City Hall. Also note there is no need to enter 232 when entering your Folio/Roll Number.

If you decide not to claim it online, you must remit the completed Home Owner Grant application to City Hall before Monday.

You will find the application at the bottom of your property tax statement.

If you are claiming the additional grant due to disability, you must provide supporting documentation. Eligibility information is available through the Government of British Columbia’s website.

Property tax payment methods:

Pay online through your banking institution. Search for “Trail – City of – Property Tax” in the Payee list.

Pay online through the City’s website at www.trail.ca/PayOnline.

If you prefer to pay at City Hall, note that City Hall is open Monday through Friday from 9 a.m. to 3:30 p.m.

COVID-19 precautions are in place. To avoid lengthy line-ups during the last week of August, municipal staff suggests visiting City Hall as soon as possible.

Questions should be directed to the Finance Department at 250-364-1262, or via email at taxes@trail.ca.


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