Trail RCMP send fugitive packing

Trail RCMP arrested Ontario fugitive David Patrick Lupul in the downtown core on March 27 and he was sent back to Toronto five days later

Canada is a large country and there was a time when criminals could avoid the legal consequences of their actions simply by leaving the province where they committed whatever crime they may have been found guilty of and hiding out in another.

Trail RCMP and B.C. Fugitive Return Program (BCFRP) have pointed out to one individual who was wanted in Ontario that that particular strategy doesn’t always work out so well anymore.

David Patrick Lupul was wanted by the Toronto Police Service for failing to comply with a recognizance after being accused of assault with a weapon and possession of a weapon for a dangerous purpose.

The Toronto Police issued a warrant for Lupul’s arrest in September of 2013 and he showed up on the radar of B.C. law enforcement a month later.

In late March of this year, the Toronto warrant was extended to B.C., on the basis that the BCFRP would cover the cost to return Lupul to Ontario to face the charges. Trail RCMP arrested Lupul in the downtown core on March 27 and he was sent back to Toronto five days later under the escort of the B.C. Sherriff Services.

“This was the first time I am aware of the Fugitive Return Program being used in Trail,” Dave Johnson, acting sergeant for the Trail and District RCMP, said in an email. “The Fugitive Return Program is a great program as it is funded through the Civil Forfeiture Unit which means that it is not taxpayer monies being used for the program. I also like the message it sends the community that offenders will be held accountable for their actions and that they can not hide from arrest warrants by moving to another province.