Tree blamed for Sunday power outage in Salmo and Fruitvale

A Sunday night power outage in Salmo and Fruitvale was caused by a tree falling on power lines, reported Fortis.

  • Dec. 12, 2012 10:00 a.m.

The night is darkest just before the dawn.

And the night was darker and longer than usual for thousands of residents between Fruitvale and Salmo Sunday night.

Electricity winked out Sunday evening around 9:41 p.m. for around 5,000 people in the FortisBC service area.

After receiving a call from several dusk doused residents of Salmo soon after, a FortisBC electrical crew was sent out to uncover the shadow shrouded mystery.

Electrical crews discovered a transmission line that served customers between Salmo and Fruitvale had been disrupted due to a tree falling on it.

“Crews were then dispatched and were required to inspect the line and ensure that everything was safe,” said FortisBC corporate communications advisor Michael Allison on Tuesday.

To remove the tree, crews needed to shut off the portion of the power grid that served Fruitvale, which resulted in a temporary outage to customers in that area.

“Power was restored about 2:49 a.m. Monday morning, said Allison.