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Truck smashes through gates at Trail little league diamond

Glenmerry residents express concerns of man driving at high speeds and erratic behaviour
The truck smashed through the gates of Andy Bilesky Park and went down an embankment. Photo: Submitted

A man driving at excessive speed and reported to be behaving erratically has raised concerns from Laburnum Drive residents.

Trail RCMP reported on Tuesday (Sept. 19) that on Sept. 12 police responded to a complaint that a Trail man, 42, drove his truck through the gates of Andy Bilesky Park’s baseball diamond, located on Laburnum Drive.

“Witnesses saw the truck travel across the field, plow through a chain-link fence, and then fall down an embankment before coming to rest,” said RCMP Cpl. James Grandy.

Police said the man extricated himself from the truck, ran to a neighbouring residence and threw a propane tank into a back window, then ran into traffic several times while nearly being struck by vehicles.

An officer arrived on scene and attempted to verbally deescalate the situation.

The RCMP reported that the man became violent and punched the officer then attempted to flee. The officer arrested the man, and after a brief struggle, brought him under control with the assistance of a second officer and bystanders.

A witness told the Times that the man was driving at high speeds through upper Glenmerry and, “had the incident been at an earlier hour, any of the kids on our road could have been killed.”

The man was transported to the Trail hospital for a medical assessment.

Criminal charges will be forwarded to Crown counsel for assessment, according to the police report.

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