Two potential Trail library locations considered

Two new downtown locations for Trail’s library have been identified - the former locations of Liquidation World and Fields.

Two new downtown locations for Trail’s library have been identified.

The two currently available options include the former Fields and the former Liquidation World stores, according to the recently released Trail and District Public Library Relocation Study — Phase I.

According to the study, preliminary discussions with city council indicate that both options would be supported and that a “library in either location would be highly visible and contribute to revitalization of the downtown core.”

In addition, both locations have enough space to accommodate a new, expanded library program.  However, both  require further review to better define costs. The former Liquidation World is larger (12,500 square feet) than Fields (10,500 sq. ft.).

Both facilities have been vacant for some time and are both available for sale. But lease or purchase negotiations have not been undertaken as part of the study.

“Proper review including potential costs associated with structural upgrades should be undertaken before identifying a preferred site,” the study by David Nairne and Associates advised.

The next phase of work will include structural assessment to determine the potential for required structural upgrades to each facility.

Council is also now expected to identify a potential project budget within the next few weeks, as well as provide direction to the consultant on a preferred building.

In November 2012, the Trail and District Public Library (TDPL) board initiated the TDPL relocation study. The intent of the study was to determine the effects of relocating the library to a larger space and to determine if such a move was required.

It has been decided that the existing library is too small and poorly located to meet the community’s needs.

“We received 406 survey responses and 66 per cent of those surveyed said that they would like the library to relocate to a larger and more accessible location,” said Barbara Gibson, chair of the library board, in November.

Current trends in libraries designed to meet community needs indicate the existing library at 5,600 sq. ft. is undersized and should be expanded to reflect current library design standards and the community it serves.

The library is also difficult to access for people with mobility challenges and the library is not highly visible.

A consultant’s report on the former Fields and Liquidation World buildings is expected by the end of February.