Waneta Quick Stop ending cross-border gas option

The popular cross-border gas stop is up for sale, but The Rivers Edge further down the road welcomes north-of-the-border customers.

A swift trip across the Waneta border crossing to fill up on cheaper gas at the Waneta Quick Stop will come to a screeching stop Tuesday when the convenience station shuts off its fuel pumps for good.

Owner Richard Jeffrey confirmed to the Trail Times Monday that Sept. 30 will be the last day customers will be able to buy gas at his station,

Although Jeffrey refused to elaborate, he did say that the business will continue to service its 600 mailboxes.

A retail sale listing posted on the Internet describes the Waneta Quick Stop as a business that sells more than 650,000 gallons of fuel each year with a large Canadian-based clientele.

Further down the road, another fuel stop is eager to service Canadians looking to fill up for less.

Owner Karene Balcom of Northport’s Rivers Edge 1 Stop said she is already seeing an increase in Canadian customers at her Texaco station.

“I did hear that the Waneta Quick Stop is going to cease selling fuels,” said Balcom. “In recent weeks I have noticed a rise in our Canadian customers because of this.”

Balcom explained that many of the “new faces” are Canadian, although 50 to 60 per cent of her long time customers are from north of the border.

“A common response I have been getting is ‘you’ll be seeing more of us’,” she said. “Some of them have said that the Waneta store is closer to their home but they will drive the extra 10 miles to my station for the savings on the price of fuel.”

The Rivers Edge is open seven days a week and besides fuel, provides groceries, fishing tackle, the lottery and more.

“Our town in general has almost always relied on our friends to the north,” said Balcom. “I hope to continue to provide them services at a price that makes it worth the short and beautiful drive.”